Briganti Wines

Briganti Wines is a brand that emerged from the well-respected Risogna Vini, an agricultural company located in Orsogna, Chieti, that has been producing high-quality wines in the Abruzzo region since 2017. The name “Briganti” pays homage to the region’s past, as Abruzzo is famous for being the birthplace of the brigandage movement in Italy.

Risogna Vini was founded by Paolo Erminio D’Orazio and takes its name from the country road that passes through the vineyards and is known as “la rissogna” in the local dialect. The winery’s commitment to traditional and sustainable farming practices has allowed them to produce wines that reflect the unique character of the Abruzzo region.

Briganti Wines is a brand that is committed to quality, authenticity, and sustainability, and it is no wonder that their wines have attracted a loyal following of customers who appreciate the unique character of Abruzzo wines.


Aprile 2023


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